Here is a band photo with a few extra friends added in.
Stefanie and niece Lara
How we look from the audience.
Leonard Patton
Coral and John Leftwich on Mais Que Nada.
The band jamming
Jamming continues on...
Peter having some fun.
Fred Benedetti
Gunnar up high
Tripp on Tenor
Peter 2
Hall Sprague—supreme beatnik
Tim McMahon on drums
Sam Sprague
Kate Sprague sings the Rainbow Connection.
Kate 2
Kate holding the mic for Dad’s sax solo.
Kate sings O Bla Dee Bla Da...
High five for a great moment.
Kate gets flowers.
Leyna Rowan sings with Peter on Jingle Bells.
Lara and Marianna join in.
Kylie Sprague adds her notes with Max and Coral.
The gang o’ kids sing Jingle Bells.
Kids and Coral
Sam Rix and Ky
What are they talking about?
The TeenGang 1
TeenGang 2
Harpist Johnny Minchin joins in on some blues. This dude does landscape architecture by day and harmonica by night.
Johnny and Gunnar
Johnny and Peter
Gunnar playing the big wood bass.
Tripp laughs
Johnny laughs
Gunnar laughs
Fred playing behind his back. Did he learn this from the Segovia masterclass back in the 80’s?
Fred grinding out with some distortion on Keltic Kure.
14 year old vocalist and songwriter Nina Francis sings her tune “Christmas, Christmas” with the band.
December 24th rolled around with some of the most amazing weather that California puts on for displaywarm as summer with a blue sky that went on forever. With this as our backdrop we gathered the troupes and played a concert celebrating the good life of music and Christmas. We had a stellar cast of musos on hand to articulate the story and as one inspired fellow in the audience said, “it appears that you all like what you do.” Indeed we do good man, indeed we do...
Christmas Eve Concert 2006
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