Road Stories
I left in late October and so far we’ve played in Bucharest, Romania (old country and fantastic audience, ran into Chick Corea, John McLaughlin and Christian McBride in the hotel after the show); Ravenna, Italy (cool concert hall whose stage was leaning towards the audience); Basel, Switzerland (we had a great time there complete with a day off to go exploring around); Zurich, Switzerland (venue in a fantastic old building completely revamped); Lusanne, Switzerland (what a view of the alps from the hotel!); and we’re now in Thessaloniki, Greece. Great music and so cool to play in new places.
Airport farewell in Carlsbad with my Mom and Stef.
The sun was hitting the wing over Greenland.
Wild building in Basel. Electric Switzerland.
I loved these efficient narrow trains. Basel, Switzerland.
Concert in Basel with (l to r) Peter M., Daryll, Diane, Greg and Peter.
Dianne in Basel
Daryll Hall
Lusanne Bricks
Lusanne view out my hotel window.
Dinner in Thessaloniki before the show.
Peter in Thessaloniki.
Thessaloniki shoreline right outside of our hotel. Warm and Cali like.
Thessaloniki castle right by the concert venue.