Hi Friends, I’m back in one piece from an inspired adventure in NYC. Starting with a long flight launching from innocent and quaint little Carlsbad airport, Stef and I arrived late in the evening at JFK to the sight that none of us musos ever want to see—a beaten up guitar case coming out of the baggage conveyor belt. I’m thinking, bummer, my case is going to need to be replaced but upon opening up the case I then realize that the guitar has had a rough ride to New York. My Ibanez Pat Metheny model is sitting there with the headstock broken clean off. Either some big piece of luggage must have hit hard in the perfect spot or a frustrated baggage dude was working on his Pete Townsend moves. Mmmm…I then take the guitar to the baggage guys and they seem cool and say that they’ll either pay to have it fixed or replaced. Maybe they’re on their best behavior after the YouTube revolution of “United Breaks Guitars”. In any event, we leave the guitar at the airport and I then work on how I’m going to get an instrument for the gigs with Diane. Paul, the tour manager, calls in a favor and scores a classic Gibson L5 from guitar hero Russell Malone. It turns out Russell’s a gem and the guitar is top notch. From there it’s a wonderful blur of rehearsals, soundchecks, cab rides, lots of walking, supreme restaurants, meeting up with old friends and making new friends. We played a show at a private benefit concert for Blue Note Record’s Bruce Lundvall and then 2 nights at Jazz at Lincoln Center. The venue at Lincoln Center has to be one of the most amazing places I’ve ever played. From the sound perspective it’s absolute top notch and then you mix in the visual magic of the glass wall behind the stage looking out onto the evening light dance of Columbus Circle. Breathtaking! What a great trip and I can’t wait to return…

My guitar all busted up. Urrggghhh.

The view of Jazz at Lincoln Center from the street.

And the view from where the audience sits. Looking out to Columbus Circle.

Here is my wife Stef and I all dressed up for the first gig. I actually bought a suit for the event and had to look up on the internet on how to tie the tie. Does it look like I did it right? I've made it this far in life avoiding being a grownup but I'll tap into it if it means I can gig in NYC. Super fun!

For this week I’m looking forward to some Roxy solo guitar transcendence on Thursday evening. On Friday night my brother Tripp along with Fred Benedetti will join me for a concert at the Arts Hall at Cal State University San Marcos. Our group is called Blurring the Edges and our music combines elements of jazz, classical, flamenco, samba and the blues. We’ve recorded 2 CD's (Blurring the Edges and Sombra) and won the Best Jazz Group award in the 1994 San Diego Music Awards. Last night Tripp, Fred and I rehearsed the music and had some great stories to share. I hope you can join in for the good times.
On the left is Fred and then Tripp and myself. This is from the photo shoot for our Sombra album cover taken at the top of Avenida Primavera in Del Mar.
photo by Barbara Rix.

On Sunday night I’m meeting up with Holly Hofmann, Mike Wofford, Bob Magnusson and Jim Plank for a concert at the Presbyterian Church in La Jolla. We’re all good friends and we have a long history of making music together. It’ll be fantastic! Hope you can make it out.

That’s it folks. I’m in town for this week and then heading out again next week with Dianne for a couple of gigs in Anguilla. I’ve never been there but I’m told it’s a beautiful island in the Caribbean with warm water. I went surfing yesterday and the water here has turned cold. I think I’ll add this detail to my gig contracts from here until summer — “artist must only play in places where the ocean temperature is 70 degrees and above”. Do you think that’ll fly?

Stay well, Peter


Thursday, November 5, 2009   Peter Sprague
Plays Solo
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   Still fun and a real highlight of the week for me.

Friday, November 6, 2009   Blurring The Edges  
Cal State University San Marcos
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92096
(760) 750-4000
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax, flute, ewi
Fred Benedettin — guitar
  7 PM   Stoked to be doing a concert with Tripp and Fred and together we'll rediscover some of our classic songs.

Sunday, November 8, 2009   San Diego Jazz All-Stars  
La Jolla Presbyterian Church
7715 Draper Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037-4380
(858) 454-0713
Holly Hofmann — flute
Mike Wofford — piano
Peter Sprague — guitar
Jim Plank — drums
Bob Magnusson — bass
  7 PM   It'll be great to hook up with Holly and Mike for a special evening of jazz in a fantastic listening setting in La Jolla.

November 12 through 15, 2009   Dianne Reeves in Anguilla  
Anguilla's Tranquility Jazz Festival
Dianne Reeves — vocals
John Beasely — piano
Peter Sprague — guitar
Rueben Rodgers — bass
Terry Lynn Carrington — drums
  7:30 PM   Heading to the Caribbean for some more great music with Dianne!

Friday, November 20, 2009   Dance of the Universe Reunites!  
Tango del Rey
3567 Del Rey Street
San Diego, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Kevyn Lettau — vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
John Leftwich — bass
  7:30 PM   We had a mini SD revolution going on back in the 80's and we're getting Lefty down from L.A. to stir it up again. I'm laughing, it'll be a hoot!

Saturday, November 21, 2009   Bob Magnusson Trio  
Harry's Bar and American Grill
4370 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122-1250
(858) 373-1252
Bob Magnusson — bass
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
  7:30 PM   A little gig with the one and only Bob Magnusson.

Friday, December 4, 2009   Peter Sprague String Consort  

Encinitas Community and Senior Center
1140 Oakcrest Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 943-2260

Peter Sprague — guitar
Bridget Dolkas — violin
Jeanne Skrocki — violin
Pam Jacobsen — viola
Carter Dewberry — cello
Duncan Moore — drums
Bob Magnusson — bass
  7:30 PM   We've got a new recording called "The Wild Blue" and I've written a new piece of the group. We're all fired up!


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