Hi Good People, I know for most of us it’s a time immersed in the last minute scramble. Christmas is coming and can we fit it all in? I’m working on it!

I mentioned in an earlier gig email about my recording sessions in L.A. with a wonderful crew of musos documenting vocalist Denise Donatelli’s new music. Check out this photo from the session and not only did we have some great music but the humor factor emanating from bassist Carlitos del Puerto, the fellow on the far left, was off the Richter! “You got me playing a frick’n fugue over here brother Keezer! Bass on fire!” Love this guy!

Bass on Fire! From left to right, Carlitos del Puerto, Ramon Stagnaro, Denise Donatelli, Alex Acuna, Geoffrey Keezer, Peter Sprague.

I’ve been mixing and editing the music from our String Consort gig and now some of it is living on YouTube awaiting your viewage. (I know that isn’t a real word but I think it works.) Click here to ride over to the clips.

On Thursday night we’re kick-starting the magic over at Tango del Rey with a concert featuring vocalist Nina Francis, Bob Magnusson, Tripp Sprague and me. Nina is a super talented young vocalist, guitarist and songwriter and I’ve known her from the early days when she was attending The Bishops School and singing and playing with their band. Turns out she’s still really young (19) and has tons of talent and enthusiasm. We’re playing some of her tunes, some jazz standards, some Beatles and Stevie Wonder and a few of mine.

I’m thrilled to have this event at the Tango del Rey. It’s one of my favorite venues in town complete with excellent sound and actual parking for the common man. George Varga wrote a cool piece for the SD Tribune and click here to read it. We hope to see you there!

This photo is from last years show. That's me on the left and Nina on the right. And check out the classic interior wall treatments at the Tango. It's insane in there! Forgot about our music and get lost in the stoney world of Moroccan-ish splendor gone mad.
photo by Barbara Rix

Hey, what are you doing on Christmas Eve day? Come and hang with us in Del Mar for our annual free concert held at the amphitheater next to the L'Auberge Del Mar Hotel. It’s a special long lasting tradition of ours presenting this show which is a mix of great music, super cool friends and family and new acquaintances all rallying together in the dreamy life of Christmas in California. 72 degrees in the shade! The magic all circles around the gifted musos lined up to tell their stories. Check out whose on deck:

Leonard Patton, Kevyn Lettau, Tripp Sprague, Gunnar Biggs, Fred Benedetti, John Minchin, Nina Francis, Beth Buckley, Duncan Moore, Riley Fleck, John Leftwich, Kate Sprague, Julia and Regina Benedetti and me.

I might of left off some of the other folks by mistake. Sorry. I also know we usually have some surprise guests slipping in too, so prepare to be unprepared.  

For a little history on the event, click here to read a story by Nancy Fisher about the early days when we first played our Christmas concert. This article is from this month’s Del Mar Sandpiper Newspaper.

Please bring the whole gang, bring the relatives, meet strangers that are friendly and meet musicians that are strange. This is how we do Christmas in Cali! See you there!

This was the scene in Del Mar last year. A big enthusiastic audience and John Minchin and Tripp are playing the blues. I'm going sideways, Gunnar's up high and Garrett Moore, Duncan's son is playing drums. What a vibe!
photo by Barbara Rix

That’s it and thanks for reading, Peter

Thursday December 22, 2011   Peter Sprague Group
with Nina Francis
Tango del Rey
3567 Del Rey Street
San Diego, CA
858 581-1114
Peter Sprague — guitar
Nina Francis — vocals
Tripp Sprague — saxophone
Bob Magnusson — bass
  7:30 PM   Nina is an super talented young vocalist from San Diego and now studying at USC in the music department. We love making music with her and you'll love her beautiful voice.

Saturday December 24, 2011   Peter Sprague and the Whole Gang Play a Free Christmas Eve Concert!  

Inn L' Auberge Amphitheatre
1540 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA

Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Fred Benedetti — guitar
Duncan Moore
— drums
Kevyn Lettau — vocals
Leonard Patton — vocals
Regina Benedetti — vocals
Julia Benedetti — Vocals
Kate Sprague — vocals
and other guests
  1 PM to 4 PM   This is our annual show where we set up in the outdoor amphitheatre at the corner of 15th Street and the Coast Highway in Del Mar. Unbelievable fun complete with jazzed up Christmas tunes and creative excursions involving musos that are in town for a visit and young musos that might be related to us. The Inn is serving free cookies and hot chocolate. Git' yur' sugar on! I hope you can make it...

Thursday December 29, 2011   Peter Sprague
Plays Solo
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   The earth has spun another revolution around the sun and to follow in the spirit of change, I've changed my guitar strings. Solo sonic explorations at the world famous Roxy in Encinitas!

Saturday December 31, 2011   Peter Sprague
and Friends
Ki's Restaurant
2591 South Highway 101
Cardiff, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Kevyn Lettau — vocals
Fred Benedetti — guitar
Julia and Regina Benedetti — vocals
  7 PM   A big happening for New Year's Eve!


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