Good People! It’s been a musical whirlwind and a wonderful one at that! Last night we played a show in L.A. at Betty Hoover’s A-Frame Concerts. What an event! The folks loved the music and talk about being close— they are literally sitting 10 inches away from us, all crammed into a house that’s hanging over a cliff in Laurel Canyon. Dangerous surroundings and dangerous music! May’s screaming HELP on “It’s a Small Hotel", Plank minimalizing with brushes on the sliding glass window, Magnusson delivering his whack arrangement of Wynton Kelly gone wild, and me breaking out the wah-wah at the end of “Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.” I may be exaggerating here but come and see for yourself tonight at the Tango del Rey. It’s our last show of the tour and we’re warmed up! Look below for the fine print.

Peter bringing back the solo guitar.
photo by Jerry Conklin

Also this week, I can’t wait to return to the Roxy in Encinitas for some solo guitar music on Thursday night. It’s been two months since my last hit there and I miss everything about the place—the vibe, the music, and of course the great food.

I’m playing on Friday and Saturday at Ki’s in Cardiff. On Friday night it’ll be brother Tripp, Bob Magnusson and me stirring it up. Saturday night Kevyn Lettau will join me in exploring the bossa nova. Big fun in Cardiff!

On Saturday afternoon my trio is joining Dirk Sutro for a presentation of jazz guitar history at the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium in Carlsbad. Dirk has been running a program called “This is Jazz” and for this Saturday we’re looking at the guitar’s role in the big picture. The concert is free.

After this busy week I’m heading down to Cabo next week with Bob and Tripp for a quick getaway of sun, surf and music. If you’ve got the bucks, come and join us! We’re playing 2 shows and nothing beats listening to music at the Cabo Surf Hotel with the “Old Man’s” surf break right behind us. Aloha!

All best, Peter

Kevyn and Peter playing duo samba at Ki's on Saturday night.


Monday April 16, 2012   Road Work Ahead
in Pacific Beach, SD
Tango del Rey
3567 Del Rey Street
San Diego, CA
858 581-1114

Tour Details
Bill Mays — piano
Peter Sprague — guitar
Bob Magnusson — bass
Jim Plank — drums
  7 PM   Bill Mays is coming to town for almost a month and we're first starting out in Nor Cal and then working our way down to SD. We've got new music and we're also going to make a new recording. Hope to see you at one of our shows!

Thursday April 19, 2012   Peter Sprague
Plays Solo
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   Finally I'm back playing a solo hit at my favorite Roxy!

Friday April 20, 2012   Peter Sprague Trio  
Ki's Restaurant
2591 South Highway 101
Cardiff, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax
Bob Magnusson — bass
  8:30 PM   Also known as the Cabo Trio!

Saturday April 21, 2012   Peter Sprague
trio with
Dirk Sutro
This Is Jazz!
Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium
Carlsbad City Library complex
1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Peter Sprague — guitar
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Julien Cantheim — drums
  4 PM   Dirk Sutro wrote the book "Jazz for Dummie's" and he's a good friend. He's put together this series of lectures about jazz and has invited me and the boys to be part of the "Jazz Guitar" lecture. Sounds like a lot of fun. It's also a FREE event.

Saturday April 21, 2012   Peter Sprague
and Kevyn Lettau
Ki's Restaurant
2591 South Highway 101
Cardiff, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Kevyn Lettau — vocals
  8:30 PM   Thrilled to have Kevyn as my guest for a great night of samba jazz!

April 24 through April 29, 2012   Peter Sprague
Cabo San Lucas Tour 2012
Playing Various Clubs
and spending some time in the
Pacific Ocean
Cabo Surf Hotel
The Flora Farms
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Bob Magnusson — bass
  7 PM   We're heading south for our yearly visit to the tip of Baja. We've got gigs on a bunch of the nights and of course there will be a ton of ocean time to even out the whitenoise build up of regular life. If you're going to be down there, let me know and I'll give you the details.


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