Good Morning! I’m up early scribbling this note to you. As soon as I’m done I’m off to teach at the UCSD Jazz Camp. I’ll be there for the rest of the week influencing young minds with the hazards of holding a guitar in your hands. Possess a guitar, play jazz, watch the bank account empty, witness the fans flocking elsewhere, wake up to how little you know and how much more there is to learn—all of this because it sounds so good and the path is lined with huge inner fulfillment.

I wouldn’t want it any other way!

The over the weekend hit with maestro Benedetti was enormous fun. The weather was perfect and we had a nice audience taking the sonic spin with us. Many thanks to all that made it out.

Peter and Fred and the twin necks playing in La Jolla.
photo by Dick Adams
On Thursday night I’ll be bringing my circus to the Roxy in Encinitas. My time there has been a little sporadic in the last months. A bunch of gigs and graduation hoopla have seemed to land on Thursdays. This much I know, I’ll there tomorrow with six strings in hand to carry on the Encinitas tradition of music, killer food and wonderful camaraderie. See you then!
This is how it looks from the front seats at the Roxy!

On Saturday night I’m joining Bob Magnusson and percussionist Tommy Aros for a night of jazz at Harry’s in La Jolla. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve played with Tommy and his vibe and groove is alone worth the price of admission. Can’t wait!

And looking ahead, here’s a poster for a show we’re drumming up next month with the amazing Emily Elbert on guitar and vocals. Check it out and maybe plan ahead. It’ll be something!


That’s it and thanks for reading, P

Thursday June 28, 2012   Peter Sprague
Plays Solo
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   Finally I'm back playing a solo hit at my favorite Roxy!

Saturday June 30, 2012   Bob Magnusson Trio  
Harry's Bar and American Grill
4370 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122-1250
(858) 373-1252
Bob Magnusson — bass
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tom Aros — percussion
  6 PM   Living the good life in La Jolla!


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