Hi Everyone! I’m just back from a great weekend in Idyllwild hanging with the trees, the sunshine, and the wonderful gang of jazz lovers. We had a night of Pat Metheny music at Café Aroma and then the string mafia converged for a magical garden setting show at The Creek House. I think I’d move to Idyllwild if the ocean was close instead of a 2 hour drive away. Imagine that, scaling the Tahquitz Peak and then free-diving into a right-hander pealing off at Lowers! Take me there!

The web has been boiling up some cool reviews and articles including a stellar report on our PS Plays Metheny at the Tango del Rey last week. Check it out.

The concert really turned out well and highlights included Leonard’s funk scat solo on “Song For Bilbao”, Barnaby’s soaring ride on “The Fields, the Sky”, and one of my favorite moments, the extremely long silent spell spanning “Change of Heart” and “Are You Going With Me”. It was outrageous—we, the band and the audience, sat still and quiet for the longest time. The freeway hiss took over—it was wild! Who says you have to make sound to have music? It’s always there, just ask John Cage!

I recorded the whole concert and I’ll get some YouTube vids up as soon as I find a spare day to edit it all together. I’ll let you know…

Taking a bow at the Tango! Left to right, Barnaby Finch, Gunnar Biggs, Duncan Moore, Leonard Patton, and Peter Sprague
photo by Bonnie Wright.

Here is another recent interview/profile piece on me that appeared in the KCET ArtBound online publication. It explores my music and my lifestyle that shapes the music. Pretty cool.

Coming up tomorrow night, we’re playing a concert at the Luce Loft in downtown San Diego. I’ve never been there but I’m told it’s a great spot for music. We’re playing a night of my original music featuring Beth Ross-Buckley on flute, Fred Benedetti on guitar and Gunnar Biggs on bass. Click here to see a YouTube vid from the last concert we did. This will be a fun night and I hope to see you there!

Beth and the group playing our recent concert.

I’ll be playing solo guitar at the Roxy on Thursday night. I miss the place and the good people!

And last up for the week, I’m boarding a plane for Chicago to play with Diane Reeves and the group at the Chicago Jazz Festival. It’ll be great to connect with one of the finest vocalist who ever sang on earth. Skylark!

That’s it for now and thanks for reading, Peter


Wednesday August 29, 2012   Beth Ross-Buckley Group  

Loft in Downtown SD
Details coming up!

Beth Ross-Buckley — flute
Peter Sprague — guitar
Fred Benedetti — guitar
Gunnar Biggs — bass
  8 PM   Fantastic flute player Beth has organized a concert in a great new space in downtown SD. We'll be playing my music and we're adding a few new ones for this event.

Thursday August 30, 2012   Peter Sprague
Plays Solo
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   Finally I'm back playing a solo hit at my favorite Roxy!

Saturday September 1, 2012   Dianne Reeves  

Chicago Jazz Festival

Dianne Reeves — vocals
Peter Martin — piano
Peter Sprague — guitar
Reginal Veal — bass
Terryon Gully —drums
  7 PM   Great to be in the loop with Dianne!


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