Good People, I’ve got a marathon Coltrane session going on here with iTunes, it’s a sunny day outside and the happy computer is offering up it’s expertise without a fight. Life is good.

Kevyn and I had a great gig in Las Vegas and the town that never sleeps is sleeping a little bit now with the weird economic ride in the world. The cab driver said it was slooooooow. It’s still great to play music and we made some new friends.

Trancing at the New Village Arts concert. Cool photo by Kevin Kinnear.
There are a couple of new articles that have come out recently about Kevyn and I and highlighting the new “What Is Enough?” recording. The latest one is in this month’s issue of OCEAN MAGAZINE. They do a pretty extensive scan through Kevyn’s history growing up in Del Mar and eventually taking on the Philippines by storm. Click here to see this article. The other recent piece was a cover story for the L.A. Jazz Scene Newspaper. Click here to check that one out.

A musician that lives in San Diego and is one of my absolute favorites is pianist Geoffrey Keezer. He moved here about a year ago and we’ve had a bunch of good times playing live and recording and hanging at the Le Fechada Taco Shop. This fellow burns like no other and we’re super thrilled he’s calling SD home. Geoffrey just released a new recording called “Aurea” and it’s out on the ArtistShare label. He recorded a bunch of the tunes at SpragueLand and together we mixed the project. I also played guitar on one of the songs. The recording explores the rhythmic influences of Peru and Argentina —music mixed with jazz and featuring today's hottest musicians from New York, Buenos Aires and Peru. It’s fantastic music and you might want to explore it. Go here for more info, audio samples and to buy the CD.

For this week I’m stoked to be playing my solo guitar gig at The Roxy tomorrow night. On Saturday I head to Covina (L.A. area) to play a solo show at the Fret House. And rounding out the week Tripp, Gunnar and I will play a trio hit at the fantastic Encinitas Library on Sunday afternoon. I hope to see you out there if it's working for you.

Let’s see, “Tunji” is playing and according to iTunes there is still 8 hours more of Coltrane left. I’m loving it!

adios, Peter

Thursday January 29, 2009   Peter Sprague Plays Solo  
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   I'll play 2 sets of solo guitar music at this classic North County hangout. Bohemia reigns!

Saturday January 31, 2009   Peter Sprague Plays Solo  
The Fret House
309 N Citrus
Covina 91723
Peter Sprague — guitar
  8 PM   I'm stoked to play a solo show at this famed guitar store in L.A.

Sunday February 1, 2009   Peter Sprague Trio Encinitas Community Library
540 Cornish Avenue
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Gunnar Biggs — bass
  2 PM   Playing a trio set in one of my favorite settings for live music...

Tuesday February 10, 2009   Peter Sprague String Consort  

Saville Theatre
San Diego City College
1313 Park Blvd
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 388-3400

Peter Sprague — guitar
Bridget Dolkas — violin
Jeanne Skrocki — violin
Pam Jacobsen — viola
Carter Dewberry — cello
Duncan Moore — drums
Bob Magnusson — bass
  8 PM   I'm thrilled to bring the group together for a show in downtown San Diego. It's part of the Jazz 88.3’s Jazz Live Series and will also be available both over the air on Jazz 88.3 and on the web at

Saturday February 14, 2009 Peter Sprague Trio
featuring Leonard Patton
Founders Hall UUFSD
1036 Solana Drive
Solana Beach, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Bob Magnusson — bass
7 PM We've done this concert almost every year and it doesn't get any better than this. Paramount acoustics, no clinking glasses and espresso machine but just a special environment for a live music moment. Add in the ever creative Leonard on voice and Bob's low end mastery of the bass—good times ahead!

Sunday February 22, 2009   Peter Sprague Group
Plays Stevie Wonder

The Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium
1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad, CA

Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Rebecca Jade — vocals
Geoffrey Keezer — piano
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Gunnar Biggs — piano
David Anderson — drums
  2 PM   Unreal band coming together to celebrate Stevieland Morris' magic contribution to music. We'll play his great tunes and bring a jazz influence to the mix.

Thursday March 5, 2009   Peter Sprague String Consort  

Del Mar Powerhouse Park
The Del Mar Foundation
1442 Camino Del Mar, Suite 202
Del Mar, CA 92014

Peter Sprague — guitar
Bridget Dolkas — violin
Jeanne Skrocki — violin
Pam Jacobsen — viola
Carter Dewberry — cello
Duncan Moore — drums
Bob Magnusson — bass
  7 PM   Returning to my favorite town and thrilled to be presenting the String Consort group.


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