Friends, I’m back home and striving for balance via the big blue. Weird weather but the water is warm, tons of seaweed too. Anyone seen the sun lately?

The Denver trip with Dianne Reeves was super cool and we had a full day of rehearsing and hanging over at Dianne’s house morphing into some great food further morphing into the next day’s concert at an outdoor amphitheatre in Arvada. The band was kicking and Dianne sounded as good as it gets. I had a blast and I’m stoked to be joining the band in NYC at the end of October for a couple of more hits. Onwards and upwards…

Jammin' at the soundcheck, Terreyon Gulley (left) and Munyungo Jackson on the right.
On the third song in just Dianne and Peter Martin played a duet and I pulled out my iPhone and captured the view from backstage looking out.
Dianne and Munyungo finishing up the pre gig dinner.

From the Denver Amphitheatre I returned home to play the Del Mar Amphitheatre. Usually we play music there in the winter and it was cool doing it again, this time in the magic of August. The vibe was right with Leonard, Tripp, Gunnar, myself along with guests Rob Schneiderman, Kate Fuller and Kate Sprague. We played into the darkness without lights and once again affirmed that making music your life is a pretty special flow. We are thankful...

Peter and the twin trancing in Del Mar. Photo by Barbara Rix.
The sun's heading down but the music continues on.
Leonard Patton is the best! Photo by Barbara Rix.
Bindu Gunnar and the Trippster. Photo by Barbara Rix.
Super young Kate Sprague getting ready to sing "The Secret of Life". Photo by Barbara Rix.
Young Kate Fuller sounded beautiful on "To Live in the Heavens". Photo by Barbara Rix.
The whole band taking it all in. Photo by Barbara Rix.

For this week I’m hooking up with vocalist Sacha Boutrous and her band for a concert at the Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego. Sacha recorded her last CD at SpragueLand and is planning on leaving San Diego and heading to NYC. This is her farewell show and it’ll be fun connecting with her and her beautiful voice. Look below for the details.

This whole month I’ve missed my Thursday ritual of playing solo guitar at the Roxy Restaurant in Encinitas. It’s just worked out that I’ve been gigging on that night all through the month. So to equalize the flow, I’m rekindling the vibe on Saturday night.

Solo guitar
freedom in sound
chef salad with enormous carrots
fish tank with bubbles
barely enough room for the effects on the floor
happy waitresse's
knowing that you’re possibly in the right place at the right time…  

best, Peter

Thursday August 20, 2009   Sacha Boutrous Quintet  
The Westgate Hotel on the Terrace
San Diego, CA
Sacha Boutrous — voice
Peter Sprague — guitar
Mikan Zlatovich — piano
Bill Andrews — bass
  7:30 PM   Sacha is heading off to NYC and I'm joining her for her farewell concert.

Saturday August 22, 2009   Peter Sprague Plays Solo  
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   I usually play Thursday eves here but this whole month I've had other gigs on those nights. So I'm taking up a Saturday night and it'll be a good time making music in the heart of Encinitas. I hope to see you there...

Thursday August 27, 2009   Peter Sprague Trio Quail Gardens
230 Quail Gardens Drive
Encinitas CA
(760) 436-3036
Peter Sprague — guitar
Kevyn Lettau — vocals
Gunnar Biggs — bass
  5:30 PM   Playing some trio music in a magical spot!

Saturday August 29, 2009   Peter Sprague String Consort  

Idyllwild Jazz In The Pines Festival
52500 Temecula Dr,
Idyllwild, CA 92549


Peter Sprague — guitar
Bridget Dolkas — violin
Jeanne Skrocki — violin
Pam Jacobsen — viola
Carter Dewberry — cello
Duncan Moore — drums
Bob Magnusson — bass
  2:30 PM   Taking the Consort to the tree bliss of Idyllwild!

Sunday August 30, 2009   Peter Sprague Group
Plays Stevie Wonder
1337 India St.
San Diego, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Rebecca Jade — vocals
Leonard Patton — vocals
Joshua Nelson — piano
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Duncan Moore — drums
  7 PM   We all grew up with the hypnotic grooves of Stevie and what a thrill to play his music with our jazz point of view in the mix. This will be a night of Stevie Wonder songs like you've never heard them before. I wish!


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