Dear Sonic Explorers, all is correct over here at SpragueLand. It looks like another week of studio-ing it mixed up with some deluxe concerts. Check this out.

Tonight is solo guitar music at Fresh—me and the six strings searching for beauty within the spectrum of sound. Further down we’ve got Pass The Drum launching the samba at a brand new North County venue. The 101 Artist Colony has reemerged and taken over a new location and it’s a classic setup right on Coast Highway in Encinitas. The space looks like it’ll be great for live shows. The folks that run the spot are spirited to say the least and they’ll go beyond the call of duty to make the event sing. It’ll be a full on listening concert and the band is rehearsed up and ready to spin. On Saturday myself along with Leonard and Monette will travel east to play a new venue for us called the Del Dios Bar and Grill. I’ve heard good things about this spot and hopefully it’s a little closer to some of our inland friends. On Sunday I’m thrilled to team up with the master jazz guitarist Mundell Lowe for a concert at the Athenaeum Studio in San Diego. We’ve got Bob Magnusson in the loop along with Jim Plank on drums—stellar all the way around! Mundell is one of my favorite jazzers and along with his great time sense, his exquisite melodic touch, his warm sound, this fellow is an absolute delight through and through. I’m sure we’ll have some laughs and as we play another chorus of the blues we’ll all be happy that we’re hanging with Mundell and his magic guitar. I know I’ll be…

That’s the Encinitas version of this upcoming week. I hope yours looks good too…

Good times to ya, Peter

Monday February 20, 2006 Peter Sprague Solo Fresh Seafood Restaurant & Bar
1044 Wall Street
La Jolla, CA 92037
Peter Sprague — guitar 6 to 9 PM I’ve been playing solo here since August and it’s a great time in La Jolla for an attractive setting, excellent food, and I think good music. Hope to see you there.

  Friday February 24, 2006   Peter Sprague
and Pass The Drum
101 Artists Colony
90 C North Coast Highway
A Street and Coast Highway
Encinitas, CA
  Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Coral Macfarland Thuet — vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Duncan Moore — drums
Monette Marino Keita — percussion
  8PM to 11PM   I'm stoked! This new locale for the Artist Colony is soooo coool! It's the most classic spot for art and music and we're gearing the whole Pass the Drum group for magical evening of stellar SoKal living. Did any of you make the shows we played a few years back at the old location of the Artist Colony? Those shows were some of our best and I'm thinking that this new spot will have the same electricty. Can't wait!

  Saturday February 25, 2006   Peter Sprague Trio  
Del Dios Bar and Grill
20154 Lake Drive
Escondido, CA
  Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Monette Marino Keita — percussion
  8PM to 11PM   We're heading inland to the enchanted land of Del Dios for some samba and jazz at a community watering hole. This should be fun...

  Sunday February 26, 2006   Peter Sprague
and Mundell Lowe
Athenaeum Jazz at the Studio
4441 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA
  Peter Sprague — guitar
Mundell Lowe — guitar
Bob Magnusson — bass
Jim Plank — drums
  8PM to 10PM   Mundell is a living legend on the guitar and I'm so thrilled to share the stage with him and these other fine musos. I've only had the opportunity to play live with Mundell once and it was swinging of the charts. He's been in my studio lately and we got to thinking how great it would be to play a live show together. A few phone calls later and here we go. I hope you can make it out.


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