Friends, in case you haven’t noticed, today is different! At least here on the coast—the sun is out! I don’t know for how long but it’s beautiful! My office is illuminated with fantastic summer sun and the soundtrack accompanying this visual feast is a sonic masterpiece that you ought to know about.

Nights on Earth by Vince Mendoza—gorgeous music that I just keep hearing new things upon each listen. Cello and accordion, a wild guitar player that sounds like Jeff Beck at times, Peter Erskine playing amazing grooves and at the helm of it all is Mendoza’s incredible vision of how music should go. He composes and arranges this music and he’s one of my favorites. Seek it out and give it a spin!

I just got a hold of some great stills and video clips from our Road Work Ahead show at The Merc back in April. We’re still putting together the last details for the new recording due out in August of this year. I put together a little 4 minute video clip showing us getting ready for the concert. Check it out here.

Road Work Ahead playing live at the Merc. From left to right, Jim Plank, Bob Magnusson, Bill Mays, and Peter Sprague. Check out the vid here.
photo by Dwight Harrington

For this week we’re gearing up for a Thursday hit at the Oceanside Art Museum. We did this series last year and it was a highlight! They have a wonderful space for music and all of the cool folks of north county were all there flowing with the music. Of course everyone is invited. The band is Leonard singing, Tripp on the sax and percussion, Gunnar supplying the low end and me on the twin neck. The Sonic Wizards return!

I’m playing at Ki’s in Cardiff on Friday and Saturday nights. Joining me on Friday is Bob Magnusson and brother Tripp. For Saturday it’ll be vocalist supreme Kevyn Lettau and me exploring the duo jazz world. Come on out for some great music, great food, and an inspired view of the pacific as the sun dips below the horizon.

That’s it good people. Thanks for reading and see you on the next loop, Peter

Tripp, Leonard and Peter getting ready for the O'side hit.

Kevyn and Peter prepping for the Ki's gig.
photo by Mark Keller


Thursday June 7, 2012   Peter Sprague
Jazz Quartet
Oceanside Museum of Art
704 Pier View Way
Oceanside CA 92054
(760) 435-3720
Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton— vocals
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Tripp Sprague — sax, flute and percussion
  7 PM   We'll play a night of samba and jazz at the beautiful O'side Art Museum.

Friday June 8, 2012   Peter Sprague
Ki's Restaurant
2591 South Highway 101
Cardiff, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Bob Magnusson — bass
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
  8:30 PM   Tripp and Bob join me for a early summer night of jazz at Ki's.

Saturday June 9, 2012   Peter Sprague
and Kevyn Lettau
Ki's Restaurant
2591 South Highway 101
Cardiff, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Kevyn Lettau— vocals
  8:30 PM   A wonderful Saturday night of music with vocalist Kevyn Lettau and me playing our favorite jazz and Brasilian music.

Saturday June 16, 2012   Peter Sprague Trio

Cafe Aroma
54750 North Circle Dr.
Idyllwild, CA 92549


Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals and percussion
Gunnar Biggs — bass

  7 PM   The trio is heading to the mountains! Idyllwild is a great place and we're heading out to share our music. Can't wait!

Sunday June 24, 2012   Peter Sprague and
Fred Benedetti

La Jolla Festival of of the Arts

Peter Sprague — guitar
Fred Benedetti — guitar
  10 AM   It'll be fun to play a show with the amazing Fred Benedetti!

Thursday June 28, 2012   Peter Sprague
Plays Solo
The Roxy Restaurant
517 S. Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
  7 PM   Finally I'm back playing a solo hit at my favorite Roxy!

Saturday June 30, 2012   Bob Magnusson Trio  
Harry's Bar and American Grill
4370 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122-1250
(858) 373-1252
Bob Magnusson — bass
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague— sax and flute
  6 PM   Living the good life in La Jolla!


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