Dear Friends, heading into this new week with some solid surfing blended with the gig sprint and the endless studio details. I’m not complaining and what’s keeping the creative spark lit is the upcoming guitar meeting of Fred Benedetti and I for a concert at the end of the week. Our plans are to take a couple of new tunes of mine mixed in with some Blur music and a healthy dose of Beatles sculpted for the two guitars, to that we’ll throw in some digital wizardry for some sonic variation and there you have it, hopefully a magical evening with two devoted guitarananda’s. Hope to see you out there.

Namaste’, Peter

Saturday October 28, 2006   Peter Sprague and Fred Benedetti in Concert  
Chalice UU Church
2324 Miller Avenue
Escondido, CA

Peter Sprague — guitar
Fred Benedetti — guitar
  7:30 PM   Fred is one of the greats and we're zeroing in on an adventurous evening of jazz, Beatles and bossa nova...

Friday November 3, 2006   Peter Sprague Trio
featuring Lisa Hightower
Inn L' Auberge
1540 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Lisa Hightower — vocals
Justin Grinnell — bass
  7:30 PM to 10:30 PM   Great setup in lovely Del Mar. Make it an evening topped off with jazz in a living room setup.

Saturday November 4, 2006   Steve Kujala and Peter Sprague  
All Saints Episcopal Church
4033 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR
503-579-6987 or
Steve Kujala — flute
Peter Sprague — guitar
  8PM   We're heading off to Portland for a daytime music clinic and an evening duo concert. If you have friends there, let 'em know...

Friday November 10, 2006   Peter Sprague Trio
featuring Leonard Patton
Del Dios Bar and Grill
20154 Lake Drive
Escondido, CA
Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Gunnar Biggs — bass
  8 to 11 PM   Inland soul for sure on this one!

Saturday November 11, 2006   Peter Sprague Trio
featuring Leonard Patton

The Grove
3010 Juniper
North Park, San Diego

Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
  7:30 PM   We're playing at this ultra cool space and the show is a fundraiser for the music program at McKinley Elementary School. The evening is dedicated to Claude Smith, jazz drummer and painter.

Friday November 17, 2006   Peter Sprague Trio
featuring Leonard Patton

Ki's Restaurant
2591 South Highway 101
Cardiff, CA

Peter Sprague — guitar
Leonard Patton — vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
  8:30 PM   Hanging in the beach zone playing the samba with two creative musos.

Saturday November 18, 2006   Andy Villas-Boas
A Tribute To Antonio Carlos Jobim
where the music matters most
344 Seventh Avenues (betweek J & K)
Andy Villas-Boas — vocals
Peter Sprague — guitar
Gunnar Biggs — bass
Tripp Sprague — sax
Duncan Moore — drums
  8 PM   Andy tears it up singing in Portuguese and singing the story of Corcovado and the Girl From Ipanema.


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