Dear Friends, after an absolute enormous effort entangled with suspense and intrigue, fortunes won and fortunes lost, an amassing of ridiculous amounts of trivial data, archival hunting missions for rare and unusual photos, the encoding cycle of long lost videos, and finally the endless search for the right combination of descriptive words, my new upgraded WEBSITE is complete (at least for now)! It was a half a year in the making and with the aide of design wizards Jamie and John Paul at Shadowlight Studios and Greg Koll at CyberMediaworks I have a new spot to land my recording projects and the news about what I’m up to. If you’ve never been to my site or if you've visited it a while back, now might be the time to venture digitally into the new visual landscape of Dig in and let me persuade you with a few landmarks. Also, check the bottom of this note for a CD SPECIAL offer through March only...


Lots of new graphics for each page. A little slow on the load but superpsychedelic nonetheless (click on pictures to the right for direct transport).



Click on almost any picture throughout the site and it’ll get bigger. I like pictures and I like ‘em big!

An Electric Press Kit to hopefully solve the “mail me your bio and some pictures for the upcoming show” puzzle.

The addition of a VIDEO page.

I’ve got 5 different videos from the live Nikki’s Rose concert back in 2001. Good sound, stellar band, and high-class imagery.

Larry Himmell interviewed us for Channel 8 T.V. and did a piece about the background
for the Nikki’s Rose recording and concert. Check us out stylin' on primetime.

In the early ‘80’s I wrote some songs for a short surf movie called WINDLINES. Our group Dance of the Universe performed the music and it got meshed with some cool Maui surf footage. It turns out the video aired in constant rotation in Maui for a few years showing off all of the cool things that one could do in the water while on vacation. How about this — some tourist from Detroit, Michigan sees the video and figures they’ll paddle out on a surfboard when Honolula Bay is 10 foot. Hold on!

The Challenge of Diversity video is a one song clip that we recorded for KPBS Television for their series called Challenge of Diversity. I put together the song and playing in the band was Hollis Gentry on soprano sax, Carol Rodgers singing, Kei Akagi on keyboards, Mike Shapiro on drums, Tom Aros on percussion, Charles Meeks on bass, and myself on guitar. I think the year was 1987.

An upgraded PROPAGANDA page that houses tons of archival data from where I came from to the latest CD project that squeaked through at SpragueLand. The new DISCOGRAPHY page sports the actual CD images of all of the CD’s and the REVIEW page has a bunch of the actual articles that were written over the years. More data than was ever needed probably.

ACTUAL PROOF has all of my CDs and books for sale as well as additional info on each item and sound samples for the CDs. I even have links setup to take you to iTunes if you want to go the “I only want that one song” route.

The EYE AND THE EAR page has my performance schedule beautifully laid out over a Polynesian backdrop. Go here to check out the surf even if you don’t need to know where I’m playing.

The SPRAGUELAND page has all of the nuts and bolts about my recording studio. Also a classic photo of Nickel Creek hanging between takes.

Are you looking for some random thoughts? No need to look further than the SKY page. Here you’ll find the inside scoop on Blurring the Edges, Nikki’s Rose, Pass the Drum, On The Road Again, and Hurry Home. Big photos too!

And the last spot on my site is the LOOP page. Here you can email me back pearls of wisdom as they come across your mental landscape. I’d like to take in that view.

That’s it with the web tour. I hope this inspires you to jump into it full on. Let me know what you find.
Hanging ten, Peter

For this next month only (March) we’re running a CD Special. If you buy 2 CDs we’ll throw in a free copy of either  You Make Me Want To Sing or The Space Between Two Thoughts. These vintage recordings detail the inspired beginnings of our Del Mar jazz legacy. Here is the flow on how to pull off the special order:

  1. Place your order for any two CD’s or books.
  2. While checking out look for “Additional Notes” field. Type in the "Additional Notes" field “CD Special” and then list the title of the free CD that you want. It would either be You Make Me Want To Sing or The Space Between Two Thoughts.
  3. We’ll gladly send off your package and thanks for supporting the revolution.
  4. This SPECIAL will last through March, 2006 so don't hold out.


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    My most recent recording is called
Taking It All In.
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