It comes around every year. We gather a stellar gang of musos and put on a concert celebrating the Christmas season and the community of friends and good fortune. The tradition started many years ago on the street corner of Del Mar and has continued on, with a slight change of local. Now we play at a little amphitheatre very near the street corner. It's a better setup with a small stage and it also gets us away from the traffic. Here are some pictures from the 2005 event held on December 24th. Click on each picture to view a bigger version.
The whole band starting out
the concert.
Maestro Benedetti.
Fred's 2 daughters Regina and
Julia sing a song with the band.
Our drummer Kevin Koch.
My nephew Riley Fleck con-
Bassist John Leftwich making
the scene.

Peter into it.
Tripp Sprague on sax.
Coral Macfarland Thuet sings.

Bassist Gunnar Biggs.

That's Tripp's daughter Kate
singing the 2 tunes by the
Monette Marino-Keita on
The Roberts Kids join in. Kate Sprague sings the Beatles. Tripp and Peter checking out
the chart.

Gunnar digging in.
My stepmom Carmen and
brother in law Paul.
Fred inspecting his precious
The band with Coral on lead. My sister Terry and my neice
Janet, John, and myself.
Anna, Avalon, and Boaz
Roberts playing "My Favorite
Marley's "Redemption Song"
with Leonard and Peter.
Kate working the mic.
Lollie, John, and brand new
baby Rachael.
The band laying into an instru-
The Roberts kids playing with
the band.
Julia and Regina and a happy
Tripp leads Kate into it. That's my Dad on the far left
playing hipster bongos.
Avalon bowing. Leonard stirring it up man! Tripp and father Hall.
Terry and Lara. Anna Roberts. Tripp's son Sam.
Nancy and Jedd. Leonards wife and kids. My daughter Kylie.
Coral singing on Christmas. Fred, El Gaucho. Cold Cali Christmas.
Kylie and Lara, cousins. Mamady and Monette. My Mom Carol loving it!
The view from the stage. Bo, Avalon and Anna Roberts. The view from the stage, part 2.
Photos by Jerry Conklin, Hall Sprague, Scott Roberts and Stefanie Sprague.
This page created 3/26/06
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