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Dan Crary
Peter going sideways
Doyle Dykes
This guy tore it up. So something!
Beppe Gambetta
Beautiful multi string player.
Dancing up a flamenco storm.
Doc Watson
Soulful old picker.
Albert Lee
Fast rock lines from England.
John Doan
Sweet sounds from his harp guitar.
Mason Williams
Yep, this is the fellow that wrote Classical Gas.
Andrew York
This guy played gorgeous original music and he looks kind of like me.
Peter and Fred B. dancing through De Samba.
Eric Johnson
Raging rock—loud and explosive and the nicest guy you’d ever meet.
The end of the show bow.
Peter enjoying the ride.
The Primal Twang band.
Peter 2
Peter 3
Peter standing ‘cuz it’s start to cook.
Fred fueling up before the show. We had some classic dinner hangs.
George Svoboda tuning into what...
Jeff Pekarek is saying about the rules of the road...
Backstage 1
Backstage 2
Andrew and Peter
Good pals with some semi look alike features going on
Fred, Lakshmi, and George
Flamenco artists
Strange old world guitars.
Again, Jeff is relaying some cool stories and we’re tuning in while eating dinner.
Dan organizing the show.
Eric Johnson and Duncan Moore
Dennis Caplinger who plays anything with strings really well. This dude led the band through the all of the details.
John Walmsley and Duncan
John played up a storm and also sang beautifully.
Sharon Whyte and Duncan
Sharon had a bunch of intricate parts to play keys and nailed it.
Coleen, Peter and Andrew
Coleen did hair and make up and she even improved my wild look.
The Pekarek family laughs together.
Mason and Duncan
Mason is one funny dude and kept us all laughing.
Sharon and Fred
The whole gang at the wrap party.
Doyle plays his Taylor T-5 into the outer reaches of what’s possible.
In September, 2006 I was fortunate to be part of a music production called Primal Twang. It was a theatrical journey exploring the legacy of the guitar starting with early folk roots, through classical, flamenco, Elvis, jazz, samba, and ending with full blown rock guitar. Acclaimed guitarist Dan Crary was the storyteller weaving his tales connecting each of the musical eras and performances. Here is the announcement for the show and the list of the incredible musicians involved.
Primal Twang
The ride was inspired and hearing all of the different players and the world’s that they live in was a glimpse into how many unique approaches can be taken towards making the six strings make music. We rehearsed a ton for the show, had a lot of fun meals together and backstage pranks, and then pulled off 4 stellar performances to ultra packed houses. The whole production was filmed and recorded for a DVD release set for the upcoming future. Check out the images and I’ll let you know when the DVD comes out.
Photos by: Steve Parr (OnStage Photograpy www.onstagephotography.com)
Erin Fitzgerald
Duncan Moore
Fred Benedetti
Peter Sprague