Sprague-ometer Iffy on Obama's Chances

When presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama arrives for a fundraiser at UCSD's Rimac Arena on February 18, it's likely he'll have more important things to worry about than the music, but for organizers looking to set a mood, the sounds are an important detail. According to event chair Christine Forester, the tone is to be celebratory, so jazz from guitarist Peter Sprague and his band will be the evening's soundtrack. When asked if she knows if Obama is a jazz fan, Forester replies, "Isn't everybody?"

Sprague has been given complete musical freedom during his two sets, before and after Obama's speech.

"We're playing four or five tunes out front," says Sprague, "then he'll speak for a while, and then we'll all jam on 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' with Obama singing lead...actually, not really on that last part," he jokes.

Sprague, who is unsure whether he'll get to meet Obama, says he supports the candidate.

"I think he's a good fellow, and I like the idea of having the chance to vote for him." Although Sprague has performed at functions for other candidates in the past, he is uncertain on whether or not his music has an impact on elections. "My track record isn't perfect," he quips. "Not all of them have won." -- Bart Mendoza